Lil’ Exposition

[The] Karioke :: Derivative of “Karaoke” [ et. Japanese abbreviated compound word: “kara” (comes from “karappo” meaning “empty”) + “oke” (abbreviation of “okesutura,” meaning “orchestra”). ] ; videlicet: abbreviated compound word meaning [The] “Kari orchestra” …

The Karioke · Commons :: said aforementioned’s commonspace : somewhere between a consolidation station and curated catalogue glimpse into the storied scape of The Karioke’s perceptual domain

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· Lil’ Glossary ·

The Notes : Music record liner notes on The Karioke Bar’s canon repertoire [ in progress at present ]

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The Bar : The Karioke Bar

The Garden : Routing roots, burgeoning branches, and gallivanting leaves … the metaphorical orchard cataloguing spectral saplings and formidable forestry of The Karioke’s anthological lineage tree

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